Restaurant menu


Green Pea Velouté

Blancmange and green pea tartar with almonds

15.00 €

Langoustine carpaccio

Avocado with passion and citrus fruits

23.00 €

Cooked and raw vegetables

On a thinly sliced toast, fresh goat cheese and hazelnut oil

14.00 €

Hand-made Poultry terrine

Foie gras and condiments

20.00 €

Tiger king prawn raviolis

With tarragon emultion

18.00 €

Poultry & Meat

"Aberdeen Angus" rib steak

Mashed spicy carrots with "Agria" potatoes

32.00 €

Poultry dome pie with mushrooms

Yound lettuce shoots and gravy vinaigrette

36.00 €

Grilled lamb chops

Courgettes with black olive cannelloni and virgin vinaigrette

30.00 €

Veal chuck

Glazed with red beetroot coulis, vegetables cooked in juice

29.00 €


Grilled sea bream

Vegetables minestrone with country ham stock

29.00 €

Slow cooked cod

Garlic mousseline and North sea prawns

32.00 €

The sole meuniere style

38.00 €

John Dory

Fennel with citrus and saffron

42.00 €

The unmistakable Carnaroli risotto

Fresh calamari, spuid ink and parmesan cheese

27.00 €

Cheeses & Desserts

Assortment of cheeses

16.00 €

Chocolate soufflé

With milk ice cream

15.00 €

Ricotta gnocchi

Rasberry and basil soup with aged balsamic

12.00 €

Revisited tarte tatin

Tofee apple flavoured

16.00 €

Fine fresh fruit jelly

Perfumed with marjoram, lime sorbet

12.00 €

"Home made" ice cream and sorbet

Three flavors

10.00 €