Environmental Commitments

A respectful environment for our guest


Hotel Vernet has been committed for years to environmental responsibility, in order to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Thus, we favor cleaning and steam cleaning as much as possible and use only biodegradable cleaning products. We encourage our clients to use air conditioning sensibly, and linen is replaced on request.


  • Cleaning of rooms with Ozone
  • Carpet cleaning with the Delfin machine
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products
  • Air conditioning control and monitoring
  • Change of linen and sheets on request of the customer
  • بروديس دي بين كغيره - بيئي 100٪ وصنع في فرنسا

Sustainable resource management


Our eco-responsible hotel is committed to the daily management of resources.

Single-use plastic has been completely banned from the Vernet Hotel, and our rooms are equipped with card-operated switches to reduce the use of electricity when our guests are not in their rooms.
Our teams work daily to limit our environmental impact, so all our waste is sorted including organic waste, up to soaps, which are recycled by the association Sapocycle.

We also use as little paper as possible in all our services, and we offer to send invoices by email.


  • Elimination of plastic bottles throughout the hotel
  • No more plastic cutlery or cups in the staff kitchen
  • Sending invoices by email to limit paper and ink consumption
  • Recycling of soaps via the association Sapocycle
  • Our rooms are equipped with energy saving card switches

Responsible Purchases


We take particular care with our suppliers and the products we offer to our customers.
Most of the products in our breakfasts are organically grown, and our restaurant uses products sourced as locally as possible, and respecting the seasonality.
Our bathrooms are equipped with toiletry dispensers to limit packaging, and our linen is made of bamboo fiber, which combines comfort and durability.
Finally, our employees are all trained in environmental commitments and actions.


  • Employee training on environmental commitments
  • Local and organic products served at breakfast
  • Use of seasonal products for catering
  • All our bathrooms are equipped with shampoo/shower gel dispensers to limit individual packaging
  • Our linen is made of bamboo fiber, a material that consuimes 5 times less resources than traditional cotton linen
  • The laundry service provider for the cleaning of the sheets also uses an Eco label detergent

الالتزامات النقابية


يلتزم فندق Vernet بجمعية "Un toit pour les abeilles".
يهدف هذا البرنامج إلى المشاركة في الحفاظ على النحل وتنمية المستعمرات. تفخر L'Hôtel Vernet برعاية خلية نحل وسكانها والعمل على حماية هذه الحشرات الملقحة.

نحن ندعم أيضًا جمعية Sapocycle التي تجمع الصابون وتحولها لتحسين الظروف الصحية للأسر المحتاجة ؛ وجمعية "Les Hôtels Solidaires" التي تجمع المعجنات التي لا تستهلك في الفنادق بالإضافة إلى منتجات النظافة والأسرّة لإعادة توزيعها ، عبر الجمعيات الشريكة ، على الأشخاص في أوضاع محفوفة بالمخاطر.


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